Month: October 2018

October release – Faster, Smoother, Snap-pier SnapCard

October ’18 Release

Our team is delighted to finally release our October ’18 version. This version of SnapCard provides our users with faster, smoother and snap-pier experience.

Faster (up to 3.37 times)

You and I live in busy world where everyone expects things to be fast. On this new release, our engineering team has done a lot of heavy lifting to our app to make your SnapCard is faster than ever. For examples,
  • Application start – 1.2x faster
  • Signing in – 2.8x faster
  • View My Card – 3.37x faster
  • View Contact – 1.54x faster
  • Open notification – 1.39x faster
Please do not believe us, we want you to try it yourself and let us know what your experience.

Smoother and Snap-pier UX

Contacts – Slide Action

Aligning with our theme on enabling users to use one hand, we have modified our Contacts screen. You now can slide to the right to Delete contact. Slide to the left to either Call or Mail.

Slot AR “Seret & Tempelkan”

Pada versi baru kami, Anda dapat mengatur ulang slot Augmented Reality Anda menggunakan drag & drop. Sangat mudah

Spanduk pemberitahuan baru

Kami telah memperkenalkan spanduk pemberitahuan baru sehingga Anda tidak lagi kehilangan pemberitahuan penting dari kami. Untuk pengguna perusahaan , fitur ini tersedia bagi Anda untuk mengirim pengumuman atau notifikasi perusahaan yang luas.  

… dan banyak lagi

Kami juga menyertakan berbagai perbaikan bug dan peningkatan pada rilis ini. Jika Anda memiliki ide atau saran tentang bagaimana SnapCard dapat membantu Anda lebih baik, silakan email kami di  

Be in the know

Information is not knowledge“. That is an interesting quote from Albert Einstein. We tend to agree with that statement. Information alone is not knowledge. Most times, you need to combine that information with your experience or understanding of certain subject before that information can be a knowledge. On our recent update, SnapCard app provides key information on two important events:
  • When someone adds you as a contact
  • When your contact update one of its key information (phone number, website, SnapCard AR content, etc).
These two key information combined with your intimate knowledge of your business and who they are; can lead into an opportunity. You can utilise these two key information as conversation starter, a reason to reach out, a reminder to follow up or maybe simply to view new information of your contacts. Do you have a story to share? Have fresh idea or story on how SnapCard has helped you and your business? We want to hear from  you. Share your idea or story to us on