End Of Year Updates

The faster – the better SnapCard


Yes, we have further improved the performance of our app!

Back in the 70s, running 100m under 10 seconds was unfathomable. Nowadays, runners like Usain Bolt are constantly breaking the barrier and seem to be getting closer to beating the 9-second mark! Just like these racers, our team of engineers are continuously innovating, trying and pushing the limit to give you a Faster, Better, Cleaner SnapCard.

For this end of the year update (the last update of the year! Download here), we’re releasing things that will enhance your business interactions with SnapCard.

In addition to the bug fixes and minor improvements, some of the updates are:


Faster AR Code Scanning

This is one of the updates that we are most excited to show you. So, we put it straight to the top!

We want you to have a seamless and convenient interaction wherever you are. 
Here’s a little demo to show you how fast it takes to scan your AR Code!


Snazzy Layout Improvements

Who doesn’t love a cleaner, simpler and snazzy improvements to both the me@snapcard layout and the AR layout. These newly improved layouts, are designed so that you can display professionalism, individualism and style to your employer or client, all in one seamless and quick business interaction.


me@SnapCard Layout Improvements

What is me@SnapCard? me@SnapCard is the web version of your digital business card.

Your me@snapcard allows your contacts ( potential clients, clients, employers or simply the person that you just met) to quickly get a hold of your contacts, email, website and SnapCard account quickly, rapidly and swiftly.
The newly updated business-card-design looks clean, professional and sleek, it’s a much better look and feels to impress your employers or clients. Take a look!

AR Layout Improvements

There are now two layout options, one for an AR image and another for an AR video.

Updated Subscription Types

We have updated our subscription types to fit with our revised offerings. We want you to experience the best of what SnapCard has to offer so that you can get started with it, anywhere and at any time!

We’ve now got three subscription types: Starter, Pro and Business.

Starter – As its name suggests, the starter package gets you to start in your AR journey .. with this FREE subscription, you will your free AR code, share and saves up to 100 contacts to your account. This is suitable for university & high school students, small business owners 

ProIf you are serious on improving the size of your network, this one is for you! We offer an unlimited range of contacts for you to save and share, you can upload your personal AR video and so many other features that are great for anyone who is trying to find a job, people who want to expand their network and any business owners.

BusinessFor organisations that want to stay ahead of the game and in front of all other businesses. Unlimited Video in your Gallery, Personalized Performance Report and many more features included. This would be great for any business owners who want to get their name out in the market or any group who wants to put their name out there. 


Check out our website for more information about these packages by clicking here


And of course last, of all, we’ve been fixing bugs and doing other miscellaneous improvements to make SnapCard is performing to the best it currently can.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. It’s all yours for the taking.

Download SnapCard now by clicking this link here!