YOIO! You Only Impress Once

What would you do if you only have one chance to leave an impression in your meeting?
Answer – YOIO!

Yes. Yes, we did.

Yes, we did just make a new, cool, edgy, awesome word to fit in with how people talk in 2018. I reckon that whether someone is going to a meeting, applying for interviews, talking with people or something else, that our first impressions are one of the key things that will make people come and meet our-awesome-selves again. But your first impressions may be more important than you think.

A study interviewing 1,000 job seekers in Australia showed that over half (51%) have admitted that they decide whether they would or wouldn’t accept a position straight after first communication or after the initial meeting.

In fact, psychologists have already put a name to the reason why your first impressions matter so much! They call it the Primacy effect – it’s an effect that is defined as the tendency to remember the first things that are seen or heard instead of what comes later. That means that the first things you say, how you first act and what you bring can determine if you get your next job or not!

So that brings us back to YOIO – You Only Impress Once. A new, super cool, fun (and definitely not cringy) slogan for you to remember when you walk into your next interview or meeting! And whilst you’re there, why not make a first impression that they will never forget by showing your innovation, creativity and experience by spicing up your business card with some AR technology. Stand out from the crowd, stay ahead of the game and download SnapCard (trust me, it’ll help).


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