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Be in the know

Information is not knowledge“. That is an interesting quote from Albert Einstein. We tend to agree with that statement. Information alone is not knowledge. Most times, you need to combine that information with your experience or understanding of certain subject before that information can be a knowledge. On our recent update, SnapCard app provides key information on two important events:
  • When someone adds you as a contact
  • When your contact update one of its key information (phone number, website, SnapCard AR content, etc).
These two key information combined with your intimate knowledge of your business and who they are; can lead into an opportunity. You can utilise these two key information as conversation starter, a reason to reach out, a reminder to follow up or maybe simply to view new information of your contacts. Do you have a story to share? Have fresh idea or story on how SnapCard has helped you and your business? We want to hear from  you. Share your idea or story to us on  

The New SnapCard

This month, we are launching the new version of SnapCard mobile app. It is not only the new version, but it is the all new SnapCard.

Our founder, Budi Sinaga, has taken a new user engagement and design approach in the development of the new version of our SnapCard. We have embarked in a total makeover of our app on both User Interface and User Experience perspective. Our goal is to make our app to be simpler and easy to use for a wider user base.

So why change? The answer is, as an organisation, we have changed since our first Android app release a few years ago. Through feedback from our clients and the market, we have decided to introduce new features that will be released starting this month (yes, more to come!).

Our new features include:

  • New User Experience; such as swipe to the right to scan, Swipe up to see the menu and more.
  • Introduction of SnapCard’s design of QR-code
  • Add contact by scanning QR-code
  • Support the latest iOS 11.4 and Android 8 devices
  • User Configurable AR slots
  • and many more …

New Features. New UI. New UX. New SnapCard.

In addition to the app makeover, we are also expanding to Australia market. A few months ago, we have appointed Accelerion as our reseller in Australia market. Our team is excited to have them on board.

We are excited with our recent accomplishments and we want to celebrate them with you. In the month of September, we are giving away a FREE 30-day Pro membership for any new registrations.

We believe that if you want to stay ahead of the game, the time is now. Download the app today and together … let us revolutionise business cards!

For your success,

Budi Sinaga CEO & Founder of SnapCard