Augmented Reality Technology

SnapCard enhances the experience of business, professional and personal engagement using the latest Augmented Reality technology. Attach your 3D Model products or Video presentation to a business card or brochure, catalog, or any 2D print materials. Anyone can download the SnapCard App and scan your “tracker” to view your model in augmented reality. You need an internet connection to use this features.

  • 3D Model
  • Video Profile / Company
  • Virtual tour 360
  • Social media button link

Digital Business Cards

Creates one landing place for your digital business card on SnapCard. Link your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LInkedIn, YouTube and others), email and contact numbers in one place. With SnapCard, you do not have to worry about outdated personal or product information again.


Easy to Share and Save

Easily share your business cards with a URL or QR Code to anyone and allow them to see and save your contact. Grow your personal and professional networks using SnapCard.

  • Share Social Media
  • QR Code

Unlimited Video

One really good reason to add video and a YouTube channel to your digital business cards is to give the audience more content. Another cool side effect is it grows your brand awareness and expertise that you have.


and more ...

Here on SnapCard, we continuously improve and introduce new features based on technology updates, market demands and clients requests. If you have brilliant idea on how to enhance your SnapCard experiences, we want to hear from you. Please email us at hello@snapcard.co.id